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Did you know "zaap" in Laotian/Lao means "delicious"? That seems the most fitting name for ZAAP Kitchen because all of our dishes are not only beautiful, but also delicious. Not many people know about the country of Laos, but one of its best kept secrets is the cuisine.


We at ZAAP Kitchen would like to help put Laotian cuisine on the foodie map . Lao food is quickly becoming discovered in the urban food scene. The first thing to know about Lao food is that sticky rice is the national staple of Laos.


Laotian people eat sticky rice with basically every meal. Sticky rice, laab, papaya salad: this is Thai food, right? Not originally. These well-known Asian dishes that have traveled the globe to appear on Thai restaurant menus everywhere are actually Laotian in origin. Compared to neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, Laos has a relatively low profile when it comes to cuisine. Once you start tasting the glory of Lao food, you’ll never look back.

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